Do your bit to keep the planet fit

Do your bit to keep the planet fit.

We spend a lot of time focusing on our own health and fitness..

But what about the health and fitness of our planet?

The phrase; ‘you are what you eat’ is VERY TRUE! What someone looks like (healthwise) directly correlates with their habits and lifestyle.

So is the phrase; ‘Our planet IS the way we treat it’.
(which I just made up and probably needs some work, tbh..)

How do we treat our planet at the moment?

If you look around in Brisbane.. Probably doesn’t seem to bad! We have plenty of trees and nature strips around town. There are plenty of parks and our homes aren’t super small so a fair few of us live among small trees at least and gardens.

Our cleanliness isn’t too bad either! According to we were 17th in 2016.
Most Australian cities have a clean environment with relatively low levels of all types of pollution. What makes Brisbane stand out, though, is the fact that it is clean and tidy despite its enormous size (it has a population of more than 2.3 million). The city has a number of great parks, botanic gardens, and other green recreation areas. – Posted by Petr H., Updated on October 1, 2016 (click link to read!)

But given that nearly every ‘environment statistic’ is getting worse (watch a few frightening numbers here) .. We best do something about it right now.

What can you do?

Choose one of the following tips and DO IT!

It’s best not to try tackle every aspect of recycling, Earth care and climate change at the same time.. Tackle one at a time until it becomes habit, then move onto the next.

TIP #1: Reuseable Bags – Never use plastic bags again. Buy reusable bags.
TIP #2: Coffee cups – Never use takeaway cups again. Buy a travel mug.

TIP #3: Reusable Water Bottles – Never buy a plastic bottle again. Buy a cool water bottle.
TIP #4: Recycle at home and at work – Never be lazy. Get a recycle bin for home and/or work.
TIP #5: Waste Free Fridge – Never waste food/packet stuff. Only buy food that you will eat.
TIP #6: Use organic products – Always buy Earth-friendly cleaning and household products
TIP #7: Pick Up Rubbish – Never walk past something you can put in a bin close by.
TIP #8: Grow plants – Increase the number of air purifiers in the world. Grow and nurture a plant.

This is only 8 random ideas that came to mind. There are literally thousands of ways to help keep our Earth fit and healthy. There are also thousands of reasons why we should follow through with these tips..

Did you know that not only are we predicted to have close to zero seafood in 30 years?

But the seafood we eat actually has plastic in its flesh and it’s getting worse!

If you would like to have seafood for the rest of your life, help clean up our oceans.

If you would like your kids and your kids kids to have seafood in their diet, please, help keep our oceans clean.

Plastics in drains, rivers or anywhere not in a bin can end up in the ocean. Harmful chemicals from cleaning products going down our drains every day and into rivers via our roads and waterways DO end up in our ocean. We have a choice.

Do your part. Choose one or more from the above tips. Share this blog with friends and family. Spread the word that our Earth needs our help and that we can all participate.

Written by Tristan M. Forbes

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