How can I have an impact on the environment?

Why stop using plastic bags?

Why use reusable coffee mugs?

Why choose environmentally conscious products over their evil alternatives?

How do you know if your choices actually matter or make a difference?

Let’s look at some stats..

According to CleanUp Australia, each Australian uses 163 plastic bags a year, on average.

Multiply 606 by the number of people in your family.. now include your close friends and your work colleagues. Now we are looking at around 5,000 plastic bags. Just from yourself and a few people you know.

5,000 plastic bags that cannot be recycled. They are chucked on top of the other 3.92 billion bags (each year). They do not magically disappear, they do not get shipped to Mars.. they are still here, spread out across our many dumps, streets, vacant lots, parks, creeks, schools, rivers, car parks, kids playgrounds..everywhere! Some even up up in our oceans, killing thousands of wildlife every day.

According to the University of Melbourne, Australia alone uses 1 billion takeaway coffee cups each year. (Personally I believe it is more than that..) How many takeaway coffee cups do you use each week? Multiply that by the number of people in your family, your friends and work colleagues.. So each week, yourself and those around you go through nearly 100 takeaway coffee cups.

How can your decisions have an impact on these incredible numbers?

If you use a reusable grocery bag, chances are so will your family members, friends and even work colleagues because they will see and hear you doing it! It acts as a constant reminder to them that they should do the same. Not to mention the hundreds of people in the supermarket!

Imagine if everyone in your family used reusable grocery bags.. Then their friends and work colleagues will be reminded just the same.

Imagine if everyone at work started using reusable grocery bags.. Then their families and their friends might get involved as well. I hope you can see the pattern here.

The same goes for reusable coffee cups. KeepCup, Frank Green, JOCO.. take your pic!

These make great birthday and christmas presents PLUS they really stand out. The growth of these items at the moment is incredible, get amongst the change! It’s worth the $30 investment, you aren’t exposing yourself to harmful plastics every sip, you might even get a discount for using one AND you’re doing your part in helping save the world.

Start today.. Buy a KeepCup, buy a reusable grocery bag if you don’t have one already and

Be part of the solution.

Visit Sustainable Table to learn more.

Take part in our fundraising event this weekend!

Written by,
Tristan M. Forbes