Want more energy throughout the day but coffee isn’t cutting it?

Desire more energy during the day but relying on coffee just leaves you tired and wired?

Each day it’s as though we wake up with one of those smartphone battery icons.

It could be full, half or flashing red well under 10% with warning signs and annoying pop ups!

Unfortunately, we don’t actually have these pop-ups or even a usb cord that we can just plug into ourselves and recharge back to 100%..

This makes sustaining whatever ‘get up and go’ energy you have, rather important.. Running ‘low’ just seems to be something we put up with day in day out.

But why?

You want to avoid the 3pm crash of focus and energy, right? It may be affecting your work or your relationships, it might even be causing you to feel stressed or irritated when picking up the kids from school or dealing with family or friends.

Does it feel like this is never ending? That each day you wake up with around 100% charge and finish well into the flashing red zone?

This is exactly how one of our 8 week challenge clients felt before she decided to banish the forever depleting battery for good!

After talking with her after our most recent challenge, she put it down to 2 things that she learned from us in our Nutrition Seminar held each round in week one.

The easiest one for her to implement was a ‘protein and fats’ breakfast. This allowed her to ride the natural energy ‘rise’ from morning to evening. Sure we can give it a boost with several cups of coffee, but that didn’t leave her feeling fantastic? In her words ‘mentally go go go but physically drained’. (If you want to know more about our thoughts on coffee, read Blake’s recent blog!)

The second most powerful tool for this client was the introduction of HIIT training into her routine. Before the challenge her training consisted of long duration, moderate paced jogs and ‘Pump Classes’. Both great forms of exercise, but for this client – HIIT was a game changer! She had more energy throughout the day if she did it in the morning and even slept better at night if she did HIIT in the evening – giving her better energy for the following day.

So, self assess, reflect your habits and see what changes you could start to implement and start avoiding the depleted, stressful and irritated state you genuinely don’t deserve to ever be in!

Would like to see what a ‘protein and fats’ breakfast looks like.. Click here!

Tristan M. Forbes