How to make the Right Decisions in Life for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

Being comfortable with your health and body image is very important in today’s society. There are so many more socially constructed pressures with media now than ever before. One small scroll on Instagram predispositions an immediate superficial standard that wasn’t on your mind a minute ago. One minute watching a Facebook video turns into 10 minutes continued watching, commenting or trolling people with meme videos only to flash back to reality and be less present than a 5th grader sitting at their desk after having fruitloops and toast for breakfast.

And don’t get me started on Snapchat…

But you still want self-confidence, health, fitness or a slim physique.. Or all of the above!

My advice, know your true values.

How can you ever expect to make the right decision about anything if you have never thought about what you truly want in life?

If you’re reading this right now..

Take a minute or two straight away and think of 3 things in your life that mean the most to you.

Honestly stop and think.

This is more than just wondering; how do I lose fat? Or how do I get healthy?

This is anything from family time, seeing more of the world, learning more, being happy..

If you still can’t think of anything, some of my values are at the end of this blog, they might help you get started.

Okay cool, now what? How do you save money?

Remember your true values.

Knowing, remembering and evolving your true values in life will help you make the right decisions in ALL aspect of your life.

Common decision for some people: “Do I buy this expensive watch?”

Possible thought process of someone who actually knows what they want out of life: ‘Mm.. yes, looks great, tells the time. My friends will dig it. But does it really make me happy? Seeing the world is actually one of my values in life and I’m currently saving for an overseas trip, okay I won’t buy this watch”

Look at the concept of this example. Now change the item, the topic, the value and the outcome to an example of your own.

We face situations like this every single day. Having a little foresight, a moment of thought for your future self.. Will help you much more than you think. All you need to do is think hard once, see what means most to you and never forget it!

By the way, your values will be forever evolving. Becoming more specific or more generalised. You might discover more or remove one because it’s rather similar to another one.. There are no rules!

So feeling good, physically and mentally.. In my opinion is being able to move well, eating good food, having a healthy bodyfat percentage and enough fitness and physical capability to never say no to a fun activity, challenge or sport.

By the way, these all come under one or two of my true values in life.. So it might be different for you.

Mark, for instance, he’s ticking all the boxes right now. Mark is an incredible person. He has also been one of my clients for a couple of months now. What boxes is he ticking? He’s saving money so he can spend it on what matters most to him at the moment; a healthy, mobile body.

As a full time carer for this mother, you can imagine that having a fulltime job is impossible. But this doesn’t bother him in the slightest. Because he’s looking after someone that means so much to him, willpower, energy and gratitude come to him so easily.

Mark receives a nice discount and I am always willing to go overtime to nail another handstand progression or stretch for a little longer to discuss nutrition and his movement homework.

Finding your true values in life give you infinite willpower and focus when you need it most.

End of the day, a job is a job. If your career is supporting a fulfilling life then you’re doing it right.

Do more of what makes you happy.

New watch or an extra country on your itinerary? Deep fried chips or a colourful salad? A night on the turps or dinner with family? A new item of clothing every week or putting money away for a house?

The byproduct of consistently making the right decision is that you become healthier, happier and even leaner as a byproduct! You may even start earning more due to being more productive at work or performing better. Basically everyone wants to be healthy, but until you really have that conversation with yourself.

Everything in life is a decision.

Have you set yourself up to consistently make the right decisions in life?

Tristan M. Forbes

My current values: Family, Friends, Happiness, Personal Growth (learning, earning), Health and Fitness. Adventure and food are in there but that comes under happiness for me! If you need help with figuring out your true values in life, contact me via