Want to get rid of aches and pains but due to your age you think it’s impossible?

Want to get rid of aches and pains but due to your age you think it’s impossible?

If you do or you know someone who does, then this is a must read!

You or that person you are thinking of aren’t getting the most out of life. All too often we hear that people ‘believe’ they are too old to start improving or maintaining their joint health, movement and strength.

It’s not just a matter of withstanding the pain and dealing with the inconvenience of not involving yourself with particular activities.
Simply having a ‘niggle in your hip’ or having an ankle that you have to ‘be careful with’ effects not only YOUR life but everyone around you.

There is no better feeling than the realisation you are surrounded by happy people and at that point in time you are present and enjoying life!

Let’s have more of that!

You may not realise it but if you ever stood up from a seated position or out of bed and grimaced due to soreness or tightness in your knees or back.. Then you are suddenly in a negative state of mind. I like to call it ‘subconscious stress’ because you are only momentarily aware of it due to being so used to it, you are essentially desensitized to your own immobility and lack of quality movement.

That alone has a big impact on your day to day mental health AND those around us. Your work, family, relationships and your personal well being can instantly be improved by eradicating niggly joints (if you could instantly eradicate niggly joints!)

It does take time to regain your ‘youthful body’ but it is definitely possible and probably won’t take as long as you think!

One of my most recent clients started training with me after suffering years and years of physical training with NO stretching or mobility exercises. Unable to touch his toes, unable to reach above his head without causing stress and pain through the shoulders, unable to walk without shuffling or confidently walk up and down stairs.. But already he is seeing great progress, able to tie his shoelaces, improved agility and confidence moving around and he’s even 1 foot away from a vertical handstand on the wall!

I received a TXT message from him the other day saying;

“Tristan, I feel TRANSFORMED into a better, freer, more mobile me by our fantastic collaboration…”

That made my day but only because I know that each and every day he is moving better than he was previously and that this will significantly improve his quality of life!

I am not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you that change is possible and that change is wonderful.

Some people journey’s may have different rates of improvement or have a shorter road to ‘success’ altogether.. But does it really matter? As long as we are constantly moving forward, focusing on progression not perfection – our immediate life will benefit. And the lives of those around us, believe it or but you have a positive or negative influence on more than 5 people a day. And it’s completely up to you. You have the power to change. You can start taking steps in the right direction right now.

Tristan M. Forbes

P.S. To hear the words from someone else heading in the right direction.. Watch this video!