More energy and less body fat? Try this!

Breakfast (at what ever time this may be) is so important as we are eating in a

fasted state! Whether this be sleeping for 6-8 hours or waiting to eat during the

day, it is essential we pack and load our bodies with nutrients!

I’m lucky. I have been given the opportunity to coach and educate over 500

people in the last 2 years on fat loss, living life with more energy and moving

better. I work long hours, train hard and have very little down time. I need to

nourish my body the right way to ensure I have enough energy to maintain my

ideal physique and perform at a high standard.

This is what I have and why!

200g Lean Red Meat

Medium rare is my preference and not just because it tastes delicious with

cracked pepper and pink himalayan salt. A lean cut of red meat plays a role

increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine plays a role in cognitive function,

motivation, reward and pleasurable sensations. Who doesn’t want to start their

day this way!? PLUS this cut has around a whopping 48g protein. Red meat

naturally taking a lot longer to digest which means the body will slowly absorb

the protein at a steady rate!

½ Avocado

Did you know avocado is a fruit? I like to call this one nature’s butter! Delicious,

packed with good fats and high in vitamins B and K; promoting healthy energy

levels and blood flow! Our body cannot produce good fats so we must consume



Wilt or Fresh – Both are delish – High in water content and rich in vitamins and

minerals! Spinach is a natural diuretic; if you are someone who holds a lot of

water spinach is great incorporate into your first meal!

Double shot Piccolo

No coffee no workee! I am not addicted to coffee but I do enjoy the taste. Now the

biggest calorie factor of a coffee is the additions – the milk, the sugar, the syrup. A

piccolo is a half-filled latte, minimizing the extras! If you are looking for your

morning hit or just love the flavor, give a piccolo a go!

Everyone is different, and no single plan will suit everybody. From my

experience, a large majority of students I have worked with respond with higher

energy levels, improved mood, improved mental focus and clarity when eating a

high protein and fats breakfast.

If these are the things you are lacking, perhaps you need to shift from the cereal

and load your body with nutrients. We have many protein and fats meals in our

Witness The Delicious Recipe Ebook, which you will receive if you join our 8

Week Challenge. More information can be found here.

Written by Ben Murphy