Stop! Your morning coffee is making you FAT!

30 minutes have passed since you had your morning coffee. Your stomach starts to cramp and you feel gassy. You might even feel like you have diarrhoea.

My story started 2 years ago…

2 years ago, I started noticing that I had stomach pain and was getting diarrhoea more and more often. Annoyed and curious, I started to investigate why this was all happening to me. Unfortunately it was happening right after I was eating/drinking my favourite foods.

Over time I was continuously researching my symptoms but wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for. Nothing was making sense until my mum saw her naturopath and was diagnosed with lactose intolerance herself.

At this point in time I started to piece everything together. Mum immediately called her naturopath and got me booked in. After I saw her personally and got all my tests done, that’s when it all started making sense. Yes you guessed it –  I was lactose intolerant.

Now that I knew I was lactose intolerant, obviously something had to change. I suppose you could even say it was a life changing moment. Identifying the issue was one thing, but adapting to it was a whole different story.

For me personally, the hardest part of adapting to life as a LI was finding suitable products to replace the previous foods/drinks I was consuming. The products we have available to us these days definitely helps in adapting to the change. These days we’re lucky enough to have an array of lactose free products.

Now in regards to coffee this is where I noticed it the most. I enjoyed two to three everyday with constant bloating. It wasn’t till all this information came to light that I realised. It wasn’t my training or lack of eating wholesome nutritious foods that was the issue, but the fact that I could make a little change for a big impact!

I quite literally saw my mid section change beneath my eyes.
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Blake Kwiecinski