One Ironic Way To Lose Body Fat

One ironic way to lose body fat is to actually eat fat.

It is so unfortunate that something that is killing thousands of people, making millions unhappy and sick PLUS costing our country billions of dollars each year.. Just so happens to have the same name as a something we can’t live (well) without in our diet.

FAT FACT! Did you know milk is actually more carbohydrate (sugar) than fat?

Yep, even full fat milk.

Butter-what about skim milk, low fat milk etc?

They are even higher in sugar. It’s called lactose. All they did was take out the fat and replace it with more sugar. You are better off just having a smaller amount of full fat milk or swapping entirely for almond milk.

Due to botched research in the 50’s, the majority of the Western world believe that all fat does is clog your arteries, directly correlate with weight gain, heart attacks, strokes and a long list of other deadly unfortunates.

When in fat, it’s the complete opposite. The correct amount of fats in your diet will actually help prevent weight gain, heart attacks, strokes, arteries and anything else you’ve heard fat actually affects.

And that is just the internal benefits.. Did you know that your hair require a good amount of fats to grow and stay healthy looking? Did you know that your skin just needs two things to stay looking healthy? Water and fats. Just the other day a client asked why my skin was shiny and smooth looking.. This stuff is legitimate, youthful skin starts from the outside. If you really think creams etc work better than proper hydration and diet..then you’re just being tricked by a business and I hope you do not pass this type of thinking onto your kids.

I digressed.

You want to get rid of fat. Kind of makes sense to stop putting it into your body because then at least you won’t be getting fatter in the meantime, right?


Your body is smarter than that. It can tell what is polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat or saturated fat.. It knows the difference between an Omega-3 and an Omega-6 fatty acids. So it will know what to do with the stuff when you put it in there. Unless the fats are damaged, the source is poor quality or there is an excessive amount.

Everyone has a different RDI of fats so I can’t give you any roundabout numbers or even case studies because they honestly vary so much and I don’t want you to try compare yourself to them. Speaking to a professional is your best step forward.

What I can say however, is that your total daily intake of fats should at least be around 40% of your total calories for that day. Leaving 60% for carbohydrates and protein.

What types of fats should you eat? More unsaturated than saturated and as little trans fats as possible. Again, amounts of each vary so much from person to person. But here are some examples of where you can find them;

Unsaturated – Olive oil (and olives, go figure), fish oils, nuts, avocado, seeds…
Saturated – Animal meats, eggs, dairy products (grass fed butter, ghee)…
Trans fats – Any oil/fat that has been cooked past its boiling point and processed fats.

How often should you eat fat? I personally have fats in every meal. Yesterday I had eggs for breakfast, nuts for morning tea, avocado and tuna for lunch, nuts and cheese for afternoon tea and olive oil and chicken at dinner. Among those meals I also had vegetables, fruit and other carbohydrates and proteins.

This can vary so there is no golden rule, just get them in when you can. If you have body composition goals at the moment I do recommend keeping high carb foods separate from high fat foods in the one meal.

To wrap it up in bacon, eat fats to live better, for longer. Eat a variety and always within balance. Less of the cooked stuff (yes that includes bacon) and more of the good raw stuff.

If you have any other questions regarding increase or varying your intake of fats, please email us at and we will help you as best as we can or point you in the right direction.