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Our Personal Training and Fitness Centre in Paddington


8/155 Baroona Road,
Paddington 4064

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Mon-Fri: 4 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 12 PM


Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0416 590 110

Our Personal Training and Fitness Centre in Paddington

Discover next level fitness at Witness the Fitness in Paddington. We are a transformation and performance centre invested in getting you the best possible results for your body whatever your goals may be.

We don’t believe in plodding along on a few tired treadmill sessions a week, wondering why you’re not getting results when you’re not practising the right nutrition and exercise program.

We are in the business of transforming your body into the best possible shape it can be, and we love taking massive action with our clients as we work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

  • We provide semi-private (6:1) personal training classes to combine personalisation and atmosphere.
  • We provide outdoor bootcamp (15:1) workouts to allow exposure to fresh air and sun.
  • We provide personal training (1-2:1) sessions to rehabilitate, rebuild or fine tune any fitness and experience levels.

Our fitness studio is boutique, unique and community focused.

You never get lost in a crowd and your goals and progress are never overlooked.

We are here to motivate, encourage and drive you to achieve your fitness goals through concentrated effort and intelligent exercise.

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Are You After a Personal Trainer in Paddington?

Want a trainer with a holistic approach to health and wellness, but enough drive and determination to get you reaching your goals? You’ll find personal training has reached new heights with Witness the Fitness. Our Paddington personal training services will see you getting results faster.

Anyone can benefit from our personal training sessions. Whether you are a fitness junkie wanting greater gains or are totally new to the gym, you’ll love our personal training Paddington sessions. Enjoy ongoing support, advice, adjustments, exercise demonstrations and encouragement to drive you on to perform more reps or lose more weight than ever before.

If you want to lose weight – and have tried everything – our personal training sessions can help. Often it’s the motivation that is the hardest part of losing weight, but with our encouraging group or one-on-one sessions, motivation will be the least of your worries.

Plus, you can enjoy the camaraderie of having someone to talk to as you work out. It can be boring or isolating working out alone – but with PT sessions at Witness the Fitness, you’ll have people to chat to and get advice from as you go through your workout.

We offer both indoor and outdoor, and individual and group personal training classes to suit your timetable and needs. Take a look at our class timetable and discover a session that suits you for the best in Paddington personal training.


Weight Loss Transformation

While lasting weight loss might seem like something that is unattainable, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. We help our clients to understand their weight loss goals and blockers, and offer you the support and guidance to lose the weight you want to lose.

Unlike our personal training classes, our transformation classes are solely focused on weight loss. When you work with us in our weight loss transformation classes, you will enjoy fat loss, increased strength and a boosted metabolism.

We also know that losing weight (and keeping it off) takes a lifestyle change, and so we offer training for mindset shifts and altered eating habits to ensure your success.

Our clients lose, on average, 1kg of body fat every week in their first month of a transformation class.

We combine the right exercises with a friendly competitive atmosphere and ongoing progress tracking to get results. Enjoy working out in a holistic environment where the focus is on transformational weight loss. Work out with us – train hard, shed the extra kilos and discover the fit and healthy “you” that’s been inside all along. Find a class that suits you today.


Mums and Bubs Fitness

Staying fit after having a baby is not easy – simply finding the time in a busy day is often the biggest hurdle to get over.

At Witness the Fitness, we think that everyone should have the opportunity to get to where they want to be with their fitness, and we offer mums and bubs fitness classes so no one has to miss out.

Join our friendly fitness classes and enjoy being able to work out in a supportive and inclusive space where your baby can be close by. We have had kids from eight weeks to eight years come along, and with no age limit for kids, you can be assured of a supportive and friendly environment no matter the age of your child.

For women who have recently had a child, postnatal exercise is vital for rejuvenating your body and for improving your overall abdominal and pelvic floor strength. We want to help you achieve optimum energy levels through exercise and would love to have you join us.

We run mums and bubs fitness classes every morning at 9.15am from Monday to Friday. Take a look at our timetable online.


Witness the Fitness Today

Whether you need Paddington personal training classes or want to lose body fat through a concentrated plan, you’ll find it at Witness the Fitness.

We’re a holistic, boutique health and fitness studio with a real focus on helping you to achieve your results. We believe in community, peer motivation and careful instruction to help you smash goals and personal bests.

Where you want to take your health and fitness is such a personal thing, and we are so excited about being part of your transformational journey.

When you succeed, we succeed, and together we will eliminate every hurdle in your way, leaving you free to forge a healthier future.

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