The Sustainable Table

The Sustainable Table

In light of our upcoming fundraiser and awareness event, ‘Witness The Fitness For Sustainability’ – we are sharing one of The Sustainable Table’s blogs called Bottled water makes as much sense as Donald Trump being President

Yep, intriguing isn’t it..

Please click this link to read the blog and afterwards, please have a look at the rest of their website. They have amazing content that is easy to understand and use!

For more information regarding our fundraising event, click here!


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Hugo Taylor Black

I started out Empowered by helping out friends in the fitness industry create websites that supported their goals. I also reached out to clients who moved me – like a cancer survivor who used her blog to share her story – to do pro-bono work. Now, I run Empowered full-time. My clients are my biggest motivation, and inspire me to always go the extra kilometre.