What I have learnt from Paul Chek about diet.

I’m writing this part 1 of a 4 series blog while I sip a beautiful yerba mate tea filled with mushrooms and fats on my veranda over looking the beautiful lake that backs on to my place.

According to Paul Chek, there are four pillars of health. Diet, movement, happy & quiet.

I’ve been reading a lot of Chek lately and I am a massive fan. I have been following his work for about 2 years now and continue to do so, he has invented the Swiss ball as well as primal patterns, along with many other gadgets and methods, he is someone who lives his life to the purest and continues to help the human race wake up to what’s going on in this physical life and also what’s going on the inside.

Today I will run through some points on diet which I have learnt and implemented.
Diet is a massive key factor for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. No one is the same so what works for me may be terrible for you, we have to unerstand this and that is why a lot of people find the yoyo affect when they try different diets. The yoyo effect is where really good results end up straight back where they were a couple months before and you end up looking for another alternative.

The perfect diet is the one that works for you.

Paul Chek states a lot of the human race are eating the C.R.A.P diet:

C – Carbohydrate
R – Refined Foods
A – Additives
P- Preservatives

Carbohydrates are food that don’t come from anything that had a set of eyes mostly plant based foods, these mixed with additives and preservatives are a recipe for;

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Get hungry quick
  • Tired
  • Highs and lows
  • Skin issues

And long term your looking at;

  • Weak immune system
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional distress

To name a few..

Getting your ratio correct can be hard, you have to listen to your body and use that information to help you decide what you put on your plate. An example; your not going to eat the same on a rest day compared to a heavy training day. A typical strength/HIIT workout burns around 500-700 calories.
Listen to how your body feels after a meal you should be able to last comfortably between meals 3-4 hours, even longer in some cases, if your ratio is wrong you can experience the following;

  • Food cravings
  • Energy mood swings
  • Mental fogginess
  • Hunger pains

Eat organic as often as possible.

Most of us are exposed to a number of toxins through our food, water and air. Commercially farmed produce is littered with toxins which is definitely not for human consumption but it’s a way big brands get more produce and more money. Organic is free of these toxins and chemicals, would you eat meat from a sick animal being fed artificial grains locked in a pen or cage, or the animal grazing out in the open paddock living a healthy life?

You are what you eat.

Hydration, the first step to any health & fitness goal.

Water is a cleansing agent that flushes our body from anything that doesn’t belong, so drinking filtered water is a must! To find out how much you should be drinking, multiply your weight by .033 for litre per day. Long story short, to achieve a result such as dropping body fat or increasing muscle mass – every cell in your body needs to be functioning properly.

Its pretty simply LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

If you eat something, take note of how that made you feel.

Eat quality animal protein, lots of colourful vegetables and quality fats.

Article by Brandon Lee