Winter Warrior Guide. Will You Go Into Hibernation This Year?

Ooooooo it’s chilly!

Or is it….

Perhaps you are just acclimated to 20 degrees and above? Perhaps you are about to give up your health, fitness and wellbeing over winter because you THOUGHT it was cold. That would be tragic wouldn’t it..

So, follow this Winter Warrior Guide and be even better after winter than you are today!

After all.. who wants to be sick, unfit and unmotivated in Spring?

Dress like a Winter Warrior.

Have you ever seen a Winter Warrior? One of those people jogging in the early hours of the morning, striding with determination and chasing goals? I bet you’re imagining someone kitted out in some wicked gear.. They’re doing it right! #activewear [see featured image]

P.S Acquiring this gear is one thing… but to really make sure this tip works – prepare your training gear the night before! This will help you get out of bed easier because you know all your stuff is right there next to your bed ready to stumble into.

Think like a Winter Warrior.

What do you reckon an actual warrior thinks when they first open their eyes in the morning before a battle?

“Hm maybe I should sit this one out… This war thing just really isn’t for me, I’d much rather continue to lay in bed and have a little sleep in… Zzzzzz”

Actually…. That is probably what they’d think.

BUT only for a split second, if that.. I reckon it’s more like; “BOOM, okay, showtime, out of bed, armour on, sword? Check. Shield? Check. Let’s do this sh*t!”


Because they have a reason to, they went to bed knowing why they will have to wake up in the morning and if they don’t…. All hell will break loose! And quite possibly they have no other choice!

Imagine if you had that mindset every morning.

How to do it:

1. Get a good sleep.
a) This means going to bed in a relaxed state. No phone, tablet, tv, computer or arguments within 30min of bed will calm your ‘overstimulated mind’ and allow you to nod off quicker. (P.S turn your phone on airplane mode, you will notice the difference! Click here to learn why)
b) This means going to bed without sore/tight muscles. If you have tight glutes or shoulders for instance, then stretch them for 60 seconds within that 30min of bedtime. Remember – ‘go to bed with happy muscles, wake up with happy muscles’.
c) This means getting a good number of hours. We recommend at least 7-8 hours of sleep before training early in the morning. Everyone is different, but this is what we have found works for the majority of our trainers and our clients.

2. Remember your ‘Why’.
a) Know your specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound goal. Seriously, if you don’t know your goal(s), stop reading this, grab a piece of paper or open Notes on your phone and start writing/typing! You must know WHY you are getting out of bed when it’s a little colder than ‘normal’. You must know WHY you should go to training instead of driving straight home after work. Remember- ‘You must conquer your mind if you are to conquer winter!’
b) Think about your WHY before bed.
c) Think about your WHY when you wake up. (P.S To remind you.. have something on your phone. Either the text on your alarm when it pops up or have a motivating quote/picture as your wallpaper/screen saver)

3. Do something that you know works.
A warrior gets out of bed because he/she knows that by going into battle he/she is going to save their lands. They know that this has worked previously from stories and past battles, it’s their only option because if they don’t they will be worse off than before and at the end of the day they will be rewarded! So, do you know that what you are waking up for is actually worth it? Do you see value you in it? Have you seen others before you succeed in doing what you are choosing to do?

A Winter Warrior in our opinion is someone who isn’t baffled by a couple of colder months.

Be a Winter Warrior!

Actions speak louder than words. What will you put into place, what will you book in your diary, what will you talk to your friends about right now that will help you become a Winter Warrior? A Winter Warrior in our opinion is someone who wants to be better physically & mentally for life. A Winter Warrior in our opinion can be anyone, if they want to be. Anyone can put steps into place that ensure they won’t go into hibernation.

Will you be a Winter Warrior this year?


Written by Tristan M. Forbes