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Paddington, Brisbane

Uplifting Classes

Our boutique facility in Paddington runs 7 x 45min small group personal training sessions, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we run a free workout called ‘Saturday Social Sweat’ where members can bring friends and family members to Witness The Fitness! We also do daily Mums and Bubs Classes, Outdoor Bootcamps and 24/7 1:1 Personal Training.

Personalised Training

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We have helped over 500 people transform their health and lifestyle.
 This could be losing 15kgs of body fat, increasing 5kgs of muscle or even just having more energy every day. We motivate, educate and recreate people on a daily basis.

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All participants have their own program. Someone next to you could have a completely different set of exercises, sets and reps. You will be training to YOUR goals, not everyone else's. We train in a group for atmosphere, motivation and accountability. Suitable for all fitness levels, from athletes to first-timers!
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Our Services


6:1 Personal Training

Imagine 15+ people sweating it out in a competitive and enthusiastic environment. You can expect to lift personal records, learn a new skill, burn serious calories and enjoy a buzzing atmosphere to start your weekend on a high. This session is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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Personal Training

Do you have a super specific goal or need to work around a niggle or injury? 1 on 1 personal training is perfect for you. Under the careful guidance of a trainer you will be looked after with your training, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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Outdoor Bootcamp

Witness the Fitness BOOTCAMP exists because we believe everyone should be able to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. We created an outdoor program so we can meet every need that our clients may be after.

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Mums & Bubs

Specifically designed so mums can take part in training and bring their little ones along too. This class gets both mums and bubs out of the house – giving new mums much needed time to focus on themselves and lead healthier lives.

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