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The 270 InBody body composition analyser.
Inbody Scan 270

Inbody Scan

The 270 InBody body composition analyser is the ultimate tool in goal setting and tracking progress by providing a detailed report outlining your measurements in:

  • Total muscle mass in kilograms
  • Total body fat in kilograms
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat level (fat around the organs)
  • Total body water
  • Total muscle mass in each limb
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate

Example Results Sheet

Inbody Scan Sample Results

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Can also be used as a gift certificate.

1 Scan

$30 each
Good for pre and post holidays.

2 Scans

$25 each
Good for 8 week challenges. (8 Week Expiry)

3 Scans

$20 each
Scan every month for a year and completely transform your life & body forever. (8 Week Expiry)

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8/155 Baroona Rd, Paddington 4064

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