HOLISTIC Health and Fitness focussed on YOU and your RESULTS!

Welcome to Witness The Fitness Transformation & Performance Centre – a boutique health and fitness studio.

Here we transform peoples lives with a holistic approach to movement, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle. Our clients mobility, strength, energy levels, joint health and relationship with food is very important to us.

It is our mission to prove to them that living the lifestyle they dream of is possible and that it’s not as hard as they may think it is to achieve and maintain. If they know the how and the why of their health and fitness journey then their compliance will be second nature – so we aim to educate them to the point where THEY will be educating others and even helping them on their own journey.

Our training is based around specific and goal orientated personal training classes – programmed, tracked and ran by two experienced trainers. You can view our timetable here for a greater understanding of how flexible your routine can be with 8 sessions on offer every day, Monday to Friday. Each session includes mobility, strength and conditioning in a safe and energising environment.

Community is very important to us, with the power of peer motivation and careful instruction – personal bests and breakthrough movements occur on a daily basis. 

There is a lot of hype out there with the best approaches to achieving optimal health. But what is sustainable, what do you actually enjoy doing day in day out, who do you surround yourself with?

 All of our clients lose up to 1kg of body fat every week in their first month with us if that is their goal to do so, from there they continue to burn fat or decide to focus on specific movements such as handstands or chin ups as well.

Where you want to take your health and fitness is completely up to you, but we will point you in the right direction and be with you every step of the way. 

Your success is our success, your wellbeing is our upmost priority, together we will eliminate every hurdle in your way and ensure you reach optimal health – we want you to be the best possible version of yourself!

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