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One who has a holistic approach towards health and wellbeing?Our personal trainers here at Witness The Fitness have the passion and experience to help you reach your goals.

Your journey towards a fitter, healthier and more energetic you begins with a FREE 1:1 Consultation.

During this 45min consult we will assess your free Inbody Bio Scan, set specific goals plus complete a head-to-toe postural appraisal and movement screen.

From here we can design a bulletproof program and plan moving forward!

Why you may need a Personal Trainer

Witness the Fitness

Whether you do 1:1 or 6:1 Personal Training with Witness The Fitness, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness enthusiast or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, you will benefit from personal training due to the specific programming Witness the Fitness is able to provide. From activating weak glute muscles to reduce knee pain to building muscle mass in certain areas of the body for aesthetics, personal training is a one way to guarantee results.

Here are a few other reasons why our clients choose to do personal training here at Witness The Fitness:

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Losing Weight

Losing weight to increase energy and optimise the quality of living is one of the main reasons clients approach us for personal training Brisbane wide. Nothing beats feeling fit and being healthy, so let us show you how to get there and make you accountable towards reaching your fat loss and fitness goals.

Your are super busy

We understand that it can be hard to fit a fitness regime into your busy day. At Witness the Fitness we help all kinds of people who lead busy lives regain their productivity, health and wellbeing back through proper nutrition and movement practices.


If you are already into fitness but have trouble tracking your progress or even tracking your attendance, we can help!

It’s our job to monitor your progress and attendance continually to ensure you maintain a high level of fitness and reach your body composition goals. Every client at Witness the Fitness receives Inbody 570 medically graded body composition scans along with consistent performance tracking.

Don't train alone

Many people join us purely because they don’t want to be training on their own. Join a supportive, like-minded community here at Witness the Fitness when taking part in personal training Brisbane classes. Your journey towards a healthier life is only as strong as the community you are part of along the way.

Increased Mobility

If you experience back, neck and shoulder pain from stress, strenuous activity or just sitting behind an office desk for too long, personal training can help. In fact, many of our clients report experiencing fewer aches and pains in their shoulders and back after undergoing mobility exercises in our regular PT classes. By safely building upon and strengthing your muscles, tendons and ligments you will begin living a pain free life.

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