Outdoor Bootcamp

Witness the Fitness BOOTCAMP exists because we believe everyone should be able to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. We created an outdoor program so we can meet every need that our clients may be after. Our specially designed training systems give quality results both physically and mentally. We use medically graded body composition analysers to track their progress. Through compulsory education content, we keep our clients developing their skills and knowledge so that they may become health and fit human beings and help their own family and friends do the same.

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Witness the Fitness

About Our Bootcamp Classes

Each Bootcamp participant receives 8 weeks of educational emails filled with tips, tricks, and useable content. Participants will also receive a Witness The Fitness training top.

The 60 minute outdoor sessions include STRENGTH, HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING and BOXING based workouts. Ran every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 5:30am (5:45am in winter).

We cover all facets of fitness and even include extensive mobility work in each session.

Participants are also given exclusive and free access to our famous Saturday Sweat held at our facility on Saturdays at 7:45am.

Each Bootcamp participant only pays $29.95 a week. Making this program our most affordable of them all whilst still offering incredible value!

Will you start your health and fitness journey and transform with us?

P.S We currently run Wednesday in the gym to give you access to the extra equipment and machines.

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