Reasons Why Your Fitness Plan Has Started Failing (& How To Fix It)

Few things in life are as frustrating as seeing your healthy living plans plateau. Sadly, it is an outcome that millions of people face every single year. In most cases, it will ultimately cause individuals to throw in the towel. But it doesn’t have to be you.

If you’ve seen your progress recently hit a wall, now is the time to take action and get things back on track. Acknowledging the reasons for your struggles will allow you to implement the right response. Here are the most common issues to consider.

Healthy Eating Isn’t Fun

Your fitness plan isn’t only focused on getting stronger and faster. Whether it’s losing fat or building muscle, you’ll be hoping to improve your physique and body image. Therefore, nutrition has to be the foundation that you look to build upon.

After all, nutrition fuels your body and can have a lasting impact on your mind. To make it more enjoyable, you can turn your attention to ideas like a coffee subscription. The sense of mystery adds a little fun while it’s a chance to discover new tastes and stick to your plan.

There are also many meal-kit delivery services such as Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh, Dinnerly.. they all help with having a variety of foods and consistency (of healthy foods!)

Hosting dinner parties with health-conscious friends can be another very effective strategy.

You’re Doing The Same Exercises

All exercise is good exercise. However, the human body is very quick to adapt. So, if you keep following the same routines for the long haul, the progress will become increasingly less impactful over time. Frankly, you need to introduce variety. Follow Witness The Fitness on Instagram for regular exercise inspo!

Of course, increasing the intensity of exercise is one option. However, trying out new sports will inject extra enjoyment. Moreover, it’s a chance to work new muscle groups and ultimately help you develop a more well-rounded approach to increased fitness.

For the sake of performance levels and body image alike, this step can change everything.

Injuries Have Stopped Consistency

A little variety is essential when it comes to workouts. In terms of frequency, though, consistency is king. Sadly, if you are frequently on the sidelines with injuries, your progress will never reach the levels you desire to see. Instead, you’ll hit an endless cycle.

Therefore, understanding your injuries and how to manage them is vital. Otherwise, issues like plantar fasciitis can become recurring problems. Whether it’s through rest or physio work, it’s imperative that you aim to regain control of the situation as soon as possible.

Aside from allowing you to keep exercising, it should see your enjoyment levels rise.

Your Goals Aren’t Clear

It’s hard to unlock optimal fitness if you have unclear goals in mind. A marathon runner, for example, will have a different vision of success compared to a weightlifter. Likewise, your aims should reflect your age, natural fitness, and the stage of your fitness journey.

Only you can decide on your goals. It could be a performance-based target or revolve around unlocking a certain body image. Either way, you need measurable goals with small milestones along the way. This will subsequently work wonders for your motivation levels.

When combined with the other steps above, you’ll be back on track in no time.

Need more help getting clarity, talk to a fitness professional!