Why should I workout?

“Why should I workout?” 

Perhaps you have thought about this at 5am in the morning when you’re rolling out of bed..

Perhaps you have thought about this at 5pm in the afternoon when you’re rolling out of work..

Regardless of the time or routine, we all have a pair of runners and some active wear.

So we all workout. At least we all have before.. Or we all plan on doing it..

Regardless of your commitment! We have all experienced a workout before.

But, why do we do it!?

As a trainer, I could talk about this forever.. But I’m going to simplify it and just talk real for a bit!

First thing that comes to my mind is to have more energy.

If you workout often, you have more energy to do stuff. It’s pretty simple. If you have 10 different people to catch up with one weekend, then you need a whole heap of energy to do that! Especially after a full week of work. So if you workout, you get to hang out with more people and you’re not one of those people that say ‘no’ to their friends and family!

Having more energy also helps you with work. If you have 10 different projects or 10 different tasks to do in a week but you only have enough energy to do 5… It will probably catch up with you and you’ll lose your job one day! Or you just won’t be very good at it… let alone enjoy it.

Having more energy also allows you to do more of the stuff you love. I know for me it’s surfing. If I don’t have the energy, I’ll probably get 1-2 hours of good surfing before I tucker out. But if I have had a good week sweating it out…I can last 3-4 hours!

P.S if you think you can do all these things without working out…I’m sorry to say this but you just haven’t experienced (or you’ve forgotten how it feels) having more energy. It’s super common and we see/hear it all the time! Your body just gets used to what it has to work with!

Second thing that comes to mind is health!

Pretty obvious, I know. But a ton of people unfortunately think that just because they aren’t overweight, they don’t need to exercise. You don’t need to be overweight to suffer from heart failure, you don’t need to be overweight to be diagnosed with cancer, you don’t need to be overweight to have difficulties falling pregnant.

Yet if you do exercise often, you have an immensely reduced risk of having a heart attack or cardiovascular problems which is heart-breaking for you and loved ones, stupidly expensive and of course deadly.

If you do not exercise often and one day you are diagnosed with cancer.. Your chances of recovery or surviving treatment is also immensely reduced.

If you do not exercise often, you may have problems falling pregnant or have an increased chance of a miscarriage. It is far too common these days to hear of a poor mother losing their child or having to use unnatural measures to become pregnant. This is a real problem and even if you are not planning on having kids anytime soon, you must start NOW to not be another unfortunate statistic.

Alright, that got heavy but it is serious stuff when we are talking about your health.

So, how often do you workout? [insert answer]

Why do you workout? [insert answer]

How often should you workout? We recommend moving every day. But a workout in our opinion is anything that get’s the heart rate up. Yoga, bush walk, gym sesh, bike ride, sports, Animal Flow, chasing your dog around, chasing your kids around.. They all count, just do it for long enough and be consistent!

Tristan M. Forbes