3 Top Tips Before Starting A Workout Routine

The journey to attain excellent health and improved fitness can be a rollercoaster of an experience.

However, considering a few factors before diving back into the world of exercise can save you from potential problems and inconveniences. Although 1 in 5 adults meet daily physical activity in Australia, research reveals that more can be done. Here are some top considerations to keep in mind before embarking on a new workout program.

  1. Goal setting and realistic expectations

The reason goal setting is paramount prior to a workout program is to help you work toward a desirable outcome. You want to stay motivated enough to continue with a fitness program that helps you see long-term results. Your goals must be specific, measurable, and realistic. It is good to set timelines for these goals, but research has shown that sometimes, it can be detrimental to your plans.

A timeline like four weeks to lose 10kg of total body weight is usually considered unrealistic and can lead to burnout and frustration. The tip, therefore, is to set longer timelines that don’t put too much pressure on your body. Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose it, or improve your cardiovascular health, sticking to a preset, realistic goal can help you stay focused and track your progress. A positive mindset is what you need to maintain a consistent workout routine and achieve desirable outcomes.

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  1. Health assessment and consultation

Medical research has shown that not everybody is a good candidate for intensive workout programs. The truth is that you never know whether this applies to you until you consult your GP who can conduct a thorough health assessment for you. A qualified healthcare professional will run tests to check your heart health, lungs, breathing rate, and several other assessments to detect any underlying health issues.

Many people tend to find out at the very last minute that their heart isn’t as healthy as they thought. Underlying heart conditions like irregular heartbeat and slow electrical heart impulses usually remain hidden until you undergo an ECG test. It will be your chance to know what’s going on in your body before starting an intensive workout program, which can compromise your health.

Remember that your current physical condition is significant to the outcome of your workout program, so do not overlook this crucial factor. A health assessment and consultation ensures that you have a custom workout program that wouldn’t exacerbate any detected health condition. It is highly recommended to inform your GP of any serious injuries you may have endured in the past. This is especially important with fractures, surgeries, and muscle tears.

  1. Sustainable lifestyle integration

It’s important to note that integrating your workout program into a sustainable lifestyle will prove beneficial in many ways and increase your chances of a successful workout program. You must decide to commit to an intensive exercise routine and evaluate how it can align with your existing lifestyle, especially regarding your daily schedules.

Elements like your work hours and family responsibilities can be distractions with the potential to mar your workout program. It will be vital to explore the different types of physical activities you enjoy that can be incorporated into your routine. Therefore, whether it is hiking or group fitness class participation, these activities are things you should be able to do over the long term.

There will be an increased chance of integrating this lifestyle into your schedule if it aligns rather than disrupts your daily activities.