How you can help save the world by doing less and slowing down the signs of ageing.

Every day we have a choice to hinder or help ourselves and our environment. Some things are unavoidable, like driving to work for instance; we know that cars emit nasty gas into our environment and that cycling or walking would be the environmentally friendly option and you’d even save loads of money on petrol.

However, that simply isn’t the option for some people who need to commute 45min plus just by car alone and have to drop kids along the way..

We know some things are expensive, like installing solar panels on your roof or refitting all your lights with energy-efficient LEDs etc. (Although this is becoming much more affordable these days)

And some things are just illegal, like sabotaging an oil tanker heading towards the great barrier reef or going vegan to reduce methane gas emissions (kidding, I’m meat free once a week).

So how can we start having an impact on our environment TODAY without it being unrealistic, expensive or illegal?


Two simple steps that will actually help you save money, look younger and even feel physically and emotionally better!

If the image above hasn’t given it away already.  These two step are carried out in the bathroom.

So you can easily do them daily without changing your routine AND I guarantee you will even save time.

STEP 1: Have cold showers.

Remember.. you will save money, save time, look better, feel better and it isn’t illegal!

Did you know that hot water washes away your skin’s naturally occurring oils and leaves the surface dry, irritated and tight? Not to mention a very similar effect to your hair, for some people hot water damage might actually be more visible in the appearance and feel of their hair! If your skin is being damaged on a regular basis plus the daily exposure to UV rays from the sun – you really don’t stand a chance against time and the negative effects of aging. So for healthier, more youthful looking skin, have a cooler shower than normal.

Look younger, tick.

A cold shower actually helps us psychologically as well. I’m sure you can imagine how alert and ‘present’ you feel when you suddenly enter a cold shower without realising it! Imagine that moment passing and actually controlling that sudden surge of energy and focus.. It’s powerful!

Have a big day ahead? A cold shower in the morning can give you the same energy boost and focus of a double shot espresso. Check this dude’s experience with cold showers, great read!

Feel better, tick.

But how do you save time and help the environment?

I don’t know about you but back in the day when the power went out or someone forgot to flick on the hot water switch.. Showers were one minute or two max!

So with cold showers you don’t just stand around contemplating life or what just happened on Netflix. You get in there, feel energised, wash and get out.

Save water, electricity and time. Tick, tick and tick!

STEP 2: Use Thank You body and hand wash.

It’s more than just a beautiful looking body care product that will nourish and refresh your skin.

100% of the profits will help get hygiene and sanitation services to people in need.

2.4 billion people have inadequate access to hygiene and sanitation. With just over 7 billion people on this planet, better hygiene and sanitation education within third world countries will in turn have an impact on our environment around the world.

A much better use of profits than just lining the pockets of multinational corporations.

Help save the world, tick.

What do you do now?

Promise to yourself that tonight you will try a cold shower and that next time you go shopping you will consider purchasing a top quality product knowing that 100% of the profits will be going to someone in need.


Tristan M. Forbes

P.S Click here if you would like to know more about Thankyou and their mission to end global poverty in this lifetime.